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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I find the rates of the models?

    These are listed in each section under the tab "Rates". Each model uses its own rates.

    Are travel costs included?

    These are included within the region from which the model lives. Outside this region each model asks a minimum travel costs or reduce them to a reservation from a certain minimum number of hours. A list can be found in each section under the tab "Regions".

    Is an appointment of less than two hours possible?

    Some models offer a service of less than 2 hours. Please, be aware that this is not realistic and would affect services you would expect from some models.

    Are the photos real and is the information in line with reality?

    Sensual Business asks each model without obligation to faithfully shoot through a licensed studio. Each profile text and profile data was posted by the model itself, and verified by us on basis of an interview.

    Based on which the models are verified?

    The minimum age of 21 years, the identity (Belgian or Dutch passport) and language (fluent in Dutch). To determine if a model is suitable to accompany you? You will come to know through the information in each section as well as via direct e-mail addresses of the models that you can use for any questions.

    Who are the people behind the models?

    Spontaneous and respectful women (students, receptionists, represent workers, etc.) see their lives as escort beside a permanent job, as a challenge; to have a good time with you. Models who secretly look for moments when they reveal themselves to enjoy an exciting adventure.

    What is the difference between Sensual Business and an agency?

    Sensual Business is a platform on which models advertise in the form of a profile (page). Each model features a direct-profile with direct contact information, or an SB-profile. In this case, Sensual Business offers its services as an intermediary between you and the model; for the preservation of everyone's privacy and for a discrete process.

    Why would a model choose not to be contacted directly?

    Just as you, most models have a job and a busy social life. Family, relatives, friends, colleagues ... no one has affairs with this piece of her private life. By outsourcing communications and administration, all information and bookings stays strictly private. The result: a relaxed model can focus entirely on your needs.

    What is the difference between an escort model and image-girl?

    An escort model is there to enjoy with you, away from the crowds and stress; to relax and to come back to yourself. In Contrast, an image girl lives in her role. To strengthen your brand image during public occasions: in person, for example, as a friend; business, for example, as a secretary; or commercial, e.g. as host, hostess (an appearance), etc.

    How do I know if a model is available?

    Sensual Business provides a clear overview in the agenda in the main menu. Models with an ad, equipped with direct contact, are not included in this list.

    When should I book?

    We recommend to book as soon as possible and not waiting until last minute. It happens too often that a request for an appointment arrives one hour before. Know that 99% of the applications in this manner leads to a negative answer.

    How can I book?

    Reservations can be made via the contact form at the bottom of each profile, the general form, by email or telephone. Just as you, a model model likes assurance for the reservation. That’s why reservations will not be accepted without indications of name and telephone. Sensual Business works professionally. We treat every request with the greatest care and utmost discretion.

    Can I book a private sauna/Dayhotel by Sensual Business?

    That is possible. When you specify which location you prefer, we try to check availability and make reservations for you in the name of Sensual Business. So you enjoy the utmost discretion. These reservations are only possible by prepayment.

    How do I pay?

    The payment is done at the beginning of the encounter without the model asking for these. If you wish to avoid this on your appointment, Sensual Business offers you the option to prepay the amount. If you require advance payment, please mention this during your reservation.

    Can I cancel an appointment?

    This is possible. Upon cancellation, we only ask you to inform us immediately informed by telephone. We hope, Procrastination is no cancellation, we look forward to schedule a new appointment.

    My question is not listed ...

    Contact us: by phone between 10.00. and 22.00., via our Online Support via email or via the general contact form. We treat every question with the greatest care and utmost discretion.

  • Do's & Don'ts

    Can I contact a model directly at Sensual Business?

    Yes, you can. Each profile has its own mailbox. This makes it possible to reach out to any model directly with your personal questions or needs without having to ask them to Sensual Business. Your mail arrives at our server first, where it is automatically forwarded to the model without your personal information and vice versa. To Retain full privacy for you and the model.

    Where can and should I meet with a model?

    On any normal, decent and traceable place (at home, in hotel, restaurant, sauna, etc.). The models do not go to lurid or unlit places, and ask a discreet parking in the immediate vicinity.

    Where should I pay attention for during an appointment?

    Maybe you will be somewhat nervous. Rest assured, that's the model too. A healthy tad stress beforehand is quite normal. Make sure everything is clean and tidy; so the model has a good feeling. As you expect from the model it expects to meet a respectful person who is extremely well maintained.


    Be sure not to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A glass prior to your appointment is good for your self-confidence; a full bottle on the other hand... The model wants to enjoy along with you and provides the ability to listen when you may need it. A model don't want to talk about other appointments or questions about her private life.

    What does "NO" mean?

    The model you wish to meet has a clear profile page. For any additional information you should have contacted her, and receive a reply. If you have additional needs during your appointment that the model doesn't feel comfortable with, it means a respectful "NO". We are glad that you respect it 100%.

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