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A sensual Sauna Date with Sensual Business

On a Sauna Date, you’ll find a well-deserved repose. It means recovering and relaxing in a beautiful surrounding with water, heat, bubbles, dimmed lights and massages. But not on your own! You are accompanied by a Sensual Business Lady, your date. She perfectly matches you, on all areas: intellectually, emotionally and physically. Shared joy is a double joy. Of course, in all discretion.

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Total privacy on a Sauna Date

A Sauna Date is a special service provided by Sensual Business in cooperation with local Wellness Centers. To make sure you enjoy full privacy we will allocate a special area for you and your Sauna Date. No prying eyes but your own. Whether you are enjoying your sauna, footbath, aroma therapy, light therapy, massage, Jacuzzi or simply the presence of your escort.

Your special Sauna Date

There a various Sauna Dates you can choose from. Are you on a tight schedule and only in for a short swim, sauna and a little sensual business? Book a two hour Sauna Date. Or do you want to take the time to fully immerse yourself in the relaxing atmosphere of a luxurious spa? Book a Sauna Date for a whole day!We also provide all-inclusive arrangements tailored to your needs.


Our Sauna Date: respect and discretion

Sensual Business is a worthy web platform for escorts. As real intimacy needs respect and privacy we offer full discretion in matching you with someone who fits your personality and preferences. That's why we offer our extensive portfolio, as well as the opportunity to meet your Sauna Date beforehand.

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